Monday, July 18, 2016

Grayson's One Year Adopt-iversary

About one year ago I had been browsing the sales adds on Craigslist and Facebook, and looking into all the local rescues for a buddy for Bodhi for when we moved to our new place. I wanted something that was not expensive because we were in the process of buying our farm, and something that would make a good friend (so nothing super dominant or freakishly spooky). Besides that I did not really know what I wanted. At the time I thought Bodhi only had mild arthritis which meant we were probably not going anywhere competitively, but that he could still be a great trail horse, ground work/clicker training buddy, and all-around great horse for friends and guests to ride, so I was thinking I could get a new project. I looked at a few horses, but none of them really made excited.

Then I saw an add that went a little bit like this:

 "Lusitano/Appendix cross colt. About a year old, was feral and we have had him for two months. Have been working on halter breaking, and ground manners. Family emergency forces sale." 

The add was accompanied by these pictures:
Giant ears, so many cuts.

So derpy

Based on the add (and price) this little guy seemed like he was not in a good situation, and I had always wanted an Iberian horse! I sent the add and photos to my good friend/horse trainer/partner in crime and we decided to go take a look (with a horse trailer of course).

 When we got there and watched him move while the person tried to catch him we actually started to believe the 1/2 Lusitano part! Holy cow! When she pulled him out it was clear he knew nothing, but that he had a good personality (if a little depressed and sullen). It was hard to even tell what color he was because he was so bleached and he was covered head to toe in cuts and scrapes, but his sire was evidently grey, and his dam was buckskin. 

I think I was sold when I saw that trot, but the little guy was just so sad and sweet looking! We traded the woman a synthetic western saddle and a small amount of cash for the ribby, beat-up yearling. He loaded in about 15 minutes which was pretty impressive considering he was hardly halter broken.

Adoption day and now with the husband.

Gray is now an obnoxious, playful, and curious two year old. He has made great progress in his ground manners, and a little progress towards his career as a riding horse. We have mostly been letting him be a baby. I have no idea what our future will be, and if I am even up to training this big-moving, spirited goofball, but I feel really lucky that he came into my life anyways. Love you Gray Baby.

Adoption day and now with me


  1. He's beautiful! Love those babies!

  2. He is such a gorgeous boy and I can't wait to see how he continues to mature