Growing Up Gray


Grayson was a dubious Facebook purchase bought as a companion for Bodhi in August 2015 as a yearling colt. His origin is cast in lore, but he is supposedly a cross between a buckskin appendix mare and a gray Lusitano stallion. He needed a home and some TLC, Bodhi needed a buddy, and I thought what a fun project! He had very minimal handling when we got him, but quickly warmed up to people and has turned into a regular pest.

For the last 6 months we have been working on the basics: leading, yielding to pressure, picking up feet, bathing, standing tied. I plan to continue to work on these basic skills, and basic manners for the next few months. I will pick up on his training at around 2 and 1/2. For now, I want him to work on being a good equine citizen and have fun being a colt.

Photos from Grayson's previous previous owner ;)

Photos from Grayson's previous owner

Grayson's arrival August 2015 ~ 12 months old

Chris and Gray

September 2015 ~ 15 months

Don't mind the fence -- our farm is a work in progress right now...

improper foot ware but cute baby!

October 2015 ~ 16 months

January 2016 ~ 18 months

May 2016 - Almost 2!!


  1. I love his coloring! He is very unique. He looks nicely put together.