Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Ch Ch Ch Changes!

I couldn't help myself with the Bowie reference, but we have made a couple of changes around the farm lately...
walking on a lunge

First is my cast is off! Yay! I am working hard on my PT and they said I may be back in the saddle in 6-8 weeks. Way too long, but at least I can see the end of the tunnel!

Second is Oak going to stay with my trainer for the time being. She really likes him (she calls him her hobbit pony), and he seems to get along really well at her place. His gnat allergies are not as bad and we think he may feel less stressed by NOT being the top dog in the herd. He prefers middle management. She thinks that she will be able to use him in her lesson program with a little more work. It is a win/win because I can focus on training Gray, but I don't have to sell Oak, and Oak is getting miles and an amazing education with my instructor.

Third is we took on a third horse in Oak's place so we are now back up to three out here. We agreed to help our trainer out and take one of her pasture puffs on as a free boarder so she could have room to take Oak indefinitely. Sadie is a mustang mare in her 20s that my trainer rescued a couple of years ago. She is shy but sweet and we are having fun getting to know her.

Gray approves of his new friend