Thursday, May 26, 2016

To Sell or Not to Sell

About one year ago I came to the realization that my beloved dressage saddle was too narrow for Bodhi. I started saddle shopping and ended up buying a used Duett Sonata. I had been wanting a Duett since I had found out about them when first researching saddles that work with Haflingers. I found one a friend was selling for a great price and went for it. I got it re-flocked to fit Bodhi well and I picked the all purpose because I was boarding at an eventing barn at the time and was doing a little bit of everything. I probably rode in it all of three times before Bodhi got sick.

Jump forward to a year later. Bodhi is gone, and I have two un-broke horses.  I have put it on Oak and I am not quite sure it fits, I will need to get a saddle fitter out. I am also not so sure it is the saddle I want to start him in. Am I being weanie for thinking I need to get a western trainer to start this pony?

My first ride on Bodhi. You can tell it was really harrowing... ;)

I started Bodhi in a close contact jumping saddle with no issues but I was a different rider and he was a different horse. I am not even sure what discipline I want to do with Oak. We may want to even stick with western if he turns out be more of a trail horse. I would also be interested in obstacles and western dressage. My dream for Grayson is to do some jumping and dressage but I don't plan to back him for at least another year. This saddle may work for Grayson but we won't know until he finishes growing.

So my questions to you all:

  1. Am I being a weanie for wanting a western trainer saddle to back Oak?
  2. Would you hold on to a saddle that you may never use again... just because it is your dream saddle or would you sell it buy more relevant tack for the horses you have now?

Oak Training Log

Location: Pasture
Duration: 30 mins
Activities: Ground Driving 
Observations: MUCH better at steering today! still a little drunk but no pool towards the "barn" at all. Took him all over the big pasture through the woods and by the road and he was a rock star. He just keeps impressing me!


  1. I would keep the saddle and still go with the western trainer. That is how I started Steele under saddle and it worked out great for him and I. If he had lived I was planning to buy a western saddle for trail riding. You can even get some nice synthetic ones for not very much. If the saddle ends up not fitting either then sell. you likely will still want a dressage saddle down the road so don't get rid of it yet.

    So I guess that am an enabler. :)

    1. Haha I like that! ;) The husband said the same thing actually which was music to my ears.

  2. Starting is starting is starting. Western, English, bareback(?), makes no real difference in the long run. As long as the trainer give excellent first experiences, I don't think it matters what kind of saddle they sit in.
    If there's any chance the dressage saddle will work in the long run, hang onto it. I'm a hater of A/P saddles (no purpose saddles to me), so I'd sell that one and keep the Sonata until you know it's not going to work for your boys.