Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I went for it

I went ahead and bought the saddle. it is a big ole' western trainer with a deep suede seat. I am hoping it will help with my confidence and nerves for starting these horses. Even if the benefit is all in my head that is half the battle right there!

I am also glad I made the purchase because Oak was really uncertain about the saddle when I tried it on. It definitely revealed he needs more work on things on his back because just dropping the stirrups made him jump. I am worried it is too big on him because the back of the saddle bounces when he trots. Maybe I need a back cinch? I am so ignorant to western tack! I have a lesson coming up on Sunday and Monday where I am trailering out to my friend's house with both boys so I will ask people there.

We also said goodbye to the free lease this week. Finally. I may write about the experience some day but for now I am glad it is over and she is at a really wonderful boarding barn at the expense of her owner. As it should be. After that experience I will take my dubious craigslsit purchases over well trained, well bred, free leases from friends of friends any day.

Oak Training Log

Location: roundpen
Duration: 40 mins
Activity: Desensitization to western saddle
Observations: Fine with girth pressure and bouncing. Nervous about the bulk of it on his back and the stirrups falling against his side. He held it together though and showed improvement!


  1. I'd put a back cinch on it if it's bouncing. Back cinches are supposed to be fairly loose, but not floppy. Just be careful, sometimes they can cause some explosions.

    1. Yeah I worry about just that! I guess better explosions now though then when my foot slips back there unintentionally and I find out he is sensitive then ;)

    2. Isn't that the truth! They usually get over it pretty quickly if they're already used to a girth.

  2. I know less than nothing about western tack. So I'm no help there. Good luck with your lessons.