Monday, May 9, 2016

Playing with the Monster

I know, I am pretty cute...

Back in February, a few weeks after losing Bodhi, I tried to lunge Grayson and he had a meltdown. I was not in the right mind frame, I pushed him too hard, and we were out in our pasture instead of an enclosed space (stupid). Since then, I have been slowly building back his confidence with circling around me at the walk on a line. I never leave him out on the circle for more than a few steps before asking for a halt or change of direction. Today, for the first time since that day I asked for a trot. We were in a roundpen and I rewarded his tries (instead of pushing him) and I got a few strides of trot. Good enough for my coming two year old.

Grayson could not be more different than Oak. He is very confident, naturally pushy, and playful ( read: full of himself). The two things that work best for him are positive reinforcement (clicker training) and staying really interesting. What I mean by staying interesting is I change things up quite a bit and never drill him on one task. He has an amazing memory and can be very fun to work with. He is also very mischievous and stubborn, and loves to be a bother to horses and humans alike. With Grayson it is always a game -- it's just better if it is a game you made up.

I have made a page dedicated to Grayson's story. I got him as a skinny, feral colt, and it is already so neat to see how much he has grown and filled out.


Oak Training Log May 8

Location: Roundpen

Duration: 60 mins

Activities: Confidence with the ball and wearing tack. Giving to the bit, free lunging, and targeting.

Observations: We did some targeting with me on the mounting block which I think really helped Also some saddle desensitization on the mounting block which he was very reactive to.

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  1. He's adorable! Looking forward to watching this guy's progress :)