Monday, April 4, 2016

Oak Training Log April 4 2016

Location: Round pen
Duration: ~ 30 minutes
Activities: I was out of town for the week so we reviewed things he already knows well:
Standing for grooming,
understanding noise (movement from me, ropes, whips) versus pressure/cues from me,
moving his hips and shoulders,
trotting on a long line,stopping and changing direction, and backing up.

Observations: He ate grass through the first part of our desensitization and I let him because he has been so nervous previously. Once I began asking him to move he was very responsive, but was anticipating what I wanted. We worked on slowing it down and listening first. A little sticky on his mane side which tends to be his tough side. I then went back to desensitization and he had a harder time discerning when my energy was on versus off, so we worked on that until he was settled. I then worked on giving to lateral halter pressure. Again his mane side was his stiffer side.

Super happy that he had a week off, but he seemed settled and eager to work. He seemed to want to show me he remembered everything.

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