Saturday, April 30, 2016

Climbing Mount Oak

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Mount Red Oak

My wonderful husband held Oak today while I achieved true liftoff for the first time. I dangled. It felt like a big deal, but it is really just one small step towards riding. He did spook once when my feet hit the mounting block, and he kicked out once when my hand groped farther back then I had meant too (sorry Oak), but Oak handled it really well. .He was more concerned with mugging my husband for treats than anything else. Great progress. I will repeat the hanging a few more times and then revisit saddling and start working on swinging up!

On a side note: Anyone have recommendations for a fly sheet that fits rotund ponies? Oak is shorter than Bodhi but is busting out of Bodhi's sheet. I am pretty sure if I get him a size larger though that it will be hanging past his knees!

Oak Training Log April 30

Location: Round pen

Duration: 30 mins

Activities: Confidence with me laying across his back on both sides.

Observations: We had a few tense moments, but he did really well. Not a fan of the mounting block making noises, or of my hands going around his lower belly.

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