Monday, July 11, 2016

Grayson vs Pine Tree

Today we completed day eight of our ten day challenge. We actually missed a day on Friday due to Grayson deciding to skewer himself on a tree limb. I will spare you the actual photos but it reminded me of this toy I had when I was a kid.
Grayson has dino damage

Grayson is okay, and according to the vet will heal up just fine. He will probably have an ugly scar from it though.  Oh Grayson-- and he has already jumped out of his paddock once since being put on "stall rest" because of turkeys. Sigh. Turkeys. Definitely worth jumping a five foot fence with a gian laceration on your side....

Why did I decide an Iberian horse was a good idea? He is so sweet, but definitely hotter and less likely to use his brain on a regular basis than the haflingers.

The injury has him out of any kind of training for the rest of the month. Except for sit still while I slather medication in your hole training of course. He will be very medically broke by the end of this.

Back to Oak -- He has been great. I have been continuing to tack him up at liberty and I try to do something new everyday. Sunday I played with him at liberty in the pasture with his saddle on. Today it was tie a rope to the stirrups and swing them around while I lunged him day. I could tell he was not happy (who would be with a stirrup flying around) but he either just kept trotting or he would stop and look at me. Big improvement from the initial reaction I got a while ago when I did it in the english saddle. Tomorrow I am thinking of bringing the jugs out again.

Any other things you guys could think of to sack him out with associated with the saddle?


  1. I used to use about 10 soda cans in each of two crinkly old feed bags. Worked great. Tied to the saddle horn and lunge. Gets a lot of kinks out!

    1. Wow I bet! I did not think to try feedbags I like that idea -- thanks!