Sunday, June 5, 2016

Got Our Game Faces On

We took both the boys to my friend Kathy's today so they could stay over for the night to hopefully settle in and be ready for a productive lesson tomorrow.

It was the first time I have loaded Grayson in our trailer. He JUMPED in and JUMPED out. Guess he was not a fan of the step-up. At least he loaded. Oak loaded like a boss. Again. Love that dude.

Hopefully we have a fun and productive day tomorrow! In the meantime enjoy these photos I took while Oak and Gray toured their new digs for the night.

He is two now! (we think)

I love the floppy ears on the fly mask. I blame his giant jowls.


  1. Love the photos. They are both gorgeous. Have a great lesson.

    1. Thank you. I am borrowing a really nice camera and trying to learn how to use it!